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Testing your pool yourself has many benefits.

Saves money: If you have someone maintain your pool for you, they might come in every month, or fortnight, or week. This costs a lot of money, for a service you can easily do yourself.

Saves money again: When you test your pool, you only put in the chemicals needed to keep it perfectly balanced. You’re not overloading the pool with excess chemicals (and money) to keep it looking clean until the maintenance guy comes around again.

Stop expensive repair bills: All those pumps, pipes and filters do something, and they’re expensive to repair. When you know your pool, you learn how to stop algae, mold, hard water and all the other little things that become big expensive problems – before they start.

Better Skin, Better Water: Forget the magic water softening salts and other tricks pool companies sell you – the best water in your pool is properly balanced water with the right amount of chlorine. It is clear, clean, and feels like water. Best of all, it’s cheap and easy to maintain and there’s no need to spend thousands on extra hardware.

Saves the planet: A balanced pool doesn’t need excess chemicals or high levels of chlorine being poured into it. The less chemicals you have to use, the better it is for everyone. Makes your pool more friendly to the environment.

Impress your friends and family: When your pool is beautifully clear all year round, you get to tell people you did it all yourself. If they need more convincing, show them your pool test kit and just how easy it is to perfectly balance a pool and have crystal clear water.

(Plus you get to do quick simple tests that involve water changing colour and often going clear, so you’ll look like a magic chemistry wizard and who isn’t impressed by that?)